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English Translator
Company: Good Brothers' Co., Ltd.

Facilitate effective communication between two parties that donot speak a similar language by converting one spoken or writtenlanguage to another.Attend conferences and meetings and act as official translator to mediate discussion.Translate foreign languages for clients in prison so they can understand prison officials.Relay concepts and ideas between languages.Translate spoken communication to sign language for hearing impaired audience.Convert written materials from one language into another, such as books, publications, or web pages.Create a new text in the target language that reproduces the content and style of the original.Edit and proofread text to accurately reflect language.Receive and submit assignments electronically.Use dictionaries and glossaries for reference.Employ computerassisted translation.Facilitate communication for people with limited English proficiency.

Job posted: 27.9.2019

Chinease Translator
Company: Mandalay Golden Wing Co., Ltd.

Able to work in Sales Marketing CondoDepartment

Job posted: 26.9.2019

Chinease Translator
Company: Mandalay Golden Wing Co., Ltd.

Able to work in Sales Marketing CondoDepartment

Job posted: 26.9.2019

Chinese, English, Myanmar Translator
Company: Double Packing Myanmar

Chinese Translator needs to support for all business function between management team and operations.To support the daily operations under the supervision of the production.

Job posted: 25.9.2019

Thai Translator
Company: Thiri Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Thai Translator Marketing DepartmentAge Between 2330

Job posted: 24.9.2019

Chinese Translator
Company: Tecno Mobile Myanmar

Must be use computerMust be able to use Chinese Language

Job posted: 20.9.2019

Chinese Interpreter
Company: Gold Yacht Co., Ltd.

Job posted: 16.9.2019

English Translator
Company: Super Rich Man Company Limited


Job posted: 15.9.2019

Chinese Translator
Company: JobsInYangon.com

Acting as Interpreter between a wide range of people with diverse voices, accents, speaking tempos and personalitiesProviding parties with clear and exact translations of written materials, and interpretations of verbal communicationProviding interpretations of questions, answers, statements, arguments, explanations and other forms of verbal communication.

Job posted: 13.9.2019

Japanese Translator
Company: Myjoboo.com

We are looking for candidates on behalf of our clients.Acting as general translator as required JapaneseEnglish BurmeseWriting Documenting Minutes of MeetingTranslating Documents from BurmeseEnglishJapanese visevasaOther administrative tasks as required by administration manager.

Job posted: 10.9.2019


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