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Deputy Head Of Internal Audit
Company: ASA Microfinance (Myanmar) Limited

To prepare Individual Audit Plan, Monthly Audit Plan and Annual Internal Audit Plan. To advise and supervise the audit activities carried out by the audit teamfield auditors as per the Annual Internal Audit Plan. To delegate, allocate and assign audit teamfield auditors to carry out the audit work. To finalize the audit reports including special report and deliver to the respective management. To finalize monthly summarized reports and submit to GIA, ASAl. To ensure conformity with Internal Audit Manual in all phases of the audit process. To ensure the timely and effective execution of the audit work. To attend exit meeting with auditees management to discuss on the audit findings identified during the course of audit if required. To discuss with management of major risks or audit findings identified in the audit report. To review and discuss on the reply received from auditee for any disputes or disagreement. To ensure that audit engagements are conducted in accordance with the audit work programme and objectives of the audit has been achieved. To prepare Monthly Field Visit Roster Plan and track the field visits of the audit team. To carry out HO audit, 3rd line of defense work and any other assignment assigned by the GIA in regular interval. To formulate the audit techniques, audit guidelines, audit programme and checklists for the performance of audit work. To deliver any other reports i.e. staff position, staff movement register, monthly brief summary reports, fraud and misappropriation reports and etc. to the GIA within due time. To carry out any other work assigned by the GIA. Internal Audit Manual ASA International 83 of 137 To discuss with the Risk Management Team in respect of risk identification, risk register completion and timely submission of reports. To review and analyses risk registers and prepare a comparative summary statement on the basis of significant risk and submit it to the GIA. To resolve any other matters related to entity risk management services. To perform the annual performance appraisal for internal auditors under his her supervision within Internal Audit Department. To identify the needs and requirements for additional resources. Continuous communication with the GIA, as well as respective Assistant GIA and ManagerInternal Audit to keep the management update about any important issues regarding audit, risk management and compliance services. To ensure the preservation of various documentations for audit work such as working papers, supporting evidence, permanent file, current file, circulars, minutes, office memo, preserving duly signed risk registers, other meeting minutes in separate files, all reports and emails sent to and received from ASAI Holding and any other documents which need to be preserved. To conduct department and monthly meeting to discuss on the issues of Internal Audit Department. To finalize the meeting minutes and submit to management. To ensure proper follow up on the items discussed in department meeting and monthly meeting. To conduct meeting with external auditor and other clientslender if required. To monitor internal auditors performance and the training when required. To arrange and conduct training activities for the internal auditors of Internal Audit Department. To organize any training or workshop that would be conducted by the management of ASAI. To facilitate workshop or training for both local and expatriate staffs regarding compliance and risk management services. Internal Audit Manual ASA International 84 of 137

Job posted: 21.2.2019

Company: Focus Star Co., Ltd.

Good Communication skill Experience in related field

Job posted: 21.2.2019

Junior Audit
Company: Sein Gay Har Department Store (Parami)

stock balance checking

Job posted: 21.2.2019

Senior Auditor

Cash transaction can check to relative account. Can control to inventory with short cut method. APAR account can control. Profit Loss, Balance sheet can know do that account. Department concern small chapters can do to relative departments teams.

Job posted: 20.2.2019

Chief Internal Auditor

Set up internal audit function and lead the internal audit team Perform and control the full audit cycle including risk management and control management over operations effectiveness, financial reliability and compliance with all applicable directives and regulations Determine internal audit scope and develop annual plans Obtain, analyse and evaluate accounting documentation, previous reports, data, flowcharts, etc. Present reports that reflect audits results and document process Act as an objective source of independent advice to ensure validity, legality and goal achievement Identify loopholes and recommend risk aversion measures and cost savings Maintain open communication with management and board of directors Lead the team to document process and prepare audit findings memorandum Conduct follow up audits to monitor managements interventions Engage to continuous knowledge development regarding sectors rules, regulations, best practices, tools, techniques and performance standards Ad hoc support to projects assigned by management

Job posted: 20.2.2019

Internal Audit Manager
Company: Ayer Shwe Wah Co.,Ltd. [H.O]

Plan and prepare quarterly work schedule Review Risk Audit findings including corrective preventative actions Recommend new corrective preventative actions as needed Monitor corrective preventative actions as needed Evaluate audit findings and manage and prepare audit reports Work with Risk Management Office to improve Risk Management across the Group Submit audit report to audit committee and BOD Submit Quarterly Risk Report to CEO Work with Safety Security Management Office to improve Risk Management across the Group Work with Group HR to improve employees security awareness initiate to improve regulatory and compliance awareness Conduct monthly Financial Audits of financial statements and related documents according to Internal Audit Calendar schedule and work assignment surprise checking and investigation as needed Evaluate audit findings and manage and prepare adhoc audit reports Conduct cashinhand balance checks according to management instructions Work with Group Finance to maintain an accurate record of inventory Work with Group Admin to maintain an accurate record of assets Check each Departments and Enterprises SOPs for compliance to SOPs Submit recommendations for changes to SOPs to Management Team for review and approval Check each Departments and Enterprises Quality factors for compliance to standard set Check each Departments and Enterprises Detailed BSC for compliance to standard set by STMO as needed Evaluate audit findings and manage and prepare audit reports Submit monthly expense report to Group Finance Submit Quarterly Budget report to CEO based on annual budget Assign each team member with quarterly detailed work plan schedule Centrally analyses all Internal Audit data Attend and participate in regular meetings to discuss Group Strategy and how Internal Audit can contribute Actively participate in the AYSW Group Strategy Management process of Daily Flash Monthly Dashboard Quarterly BSC reports and meetings Work with HOEs and HODs to understand Internal Audit areas of concern and to improve compliance within their specific areas Submit Quarterly Internal Audit report to BOD based on Annual Internal Audit Plan Follow standardsing of local international e.g. IAS, IFRS, IIA, Rules Regulations.

Job posted: 20.2.2019

Tax Manager or Specialist

Prepare complex and review basic tax returns, including complex filings, supporting workpapers, estimated tax payments, and various other tax compliance filing requirements for 20 group entitiesPrepare and review tax provision in accordance with IAS 12 and local Statutory accounting principles, including reports to management and the external auditor, account reconciliations, tax basis balance sheet support, and execution of internal controlsSupport the companys tax audits, response to tax notices, deal with tax authorities and timely resolution of any tax controversy mattersPerform technical research to address more complex tax issues to the management on group and individual entity basis,including planning opportunitiesProvide other tax support, which may include analyses of pending legislation, preparation of required transfer pricing documentation and reporting, and implementation of legislative changesAnalyse processes and recommend improvements in the immediate area of responsibility.

Job posted: 19.2.2019

Supervisor - Senior Auditor
Company: IKBZ Insurance Co., Ltd.

agreeing recommendations with relevant staff members to make improvements to operations and helping to secure backing for them in meetingspreparing reports to highlight issues and problems and distributing the reports to the relevant peopleassessing how well the business is complying to rules and regulations and informing management whether any issues need addressing

Job posted: 18.2.2019

Junior Auditor
Company: Mawlamyine Century Logistics Company Limited

Job posted: 18.2.2019

Company: Co Co Store

Job posted: 17.2.2019


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